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It doesn’t get any lighter. The 3D knit baby carrier.

Our baby carrier offers active parents with babies maximum freedom with minimum weight. Breathable, cosy and with no pressing seams, the Flybaby baby carrier offers closeness and comfort for your baby from birth.

This is our baby carrier

Details and highlights

Flexible shoulder straps for perfect weight distribution

With a stretchy ribbed structure, the knitted fabric adapts flexibly to the shoulder area and distributes baby’s weight evenly without wearing out. This is easy on the back and relieves strain on the muscles. Tension, which can be caused by the punctual strain of standard straps, has no chance.

Small packing volume

Put them all in your pocket! The lightweight and soft carrier weighs just 425g and has a really small packing volume. As a compact bag measuring 30×10×10cm, it can be taken anywhere and is ready to hand when needed – a real game changer when travelling.

Middle section grows with the child

The middle section can be infinitely adjusted with the drawstring and adapted to the baby’s size. The Flybaby baby carrier therefore supports your baby's spread-squat position – in any size.

Different zones for a perfect fit

The 3D knit technology allows for different zones: a soft hip belt, breathable inserts on the back and a stabilizing structure in the back area for a perfect fit and comfort.

Practical magnetic buckles

The innovative magnetic buckles enable effortless handling. Thanks to their simple design, they are quick and easy to fasten. These practical buckles are perfect for parents who value convenience and efficiency without compromising on safety.

Airy knit for a pleasant body temperature

The breathable knitted fabric of Flybaby prevents parents and child from sweating, even on warm summer days. The open mesh structure on baby’s back fits snugly and provides ideal ventilation.

Soft reinforced hip belt

Just like the shoulders, the hips are also optimally supported in their weight-bearing function. The hip belt is comfortably padded with soft quilting so that it does not pinch or constrict even during long periods of use.

Tailor-made for togetherness

Gentle fitting without complicated binding techniques – right from birth

In the first weeks and months after the birth, it is essential that both mum and baby feel comfortable and secure. Thanks to the different zones of the knitted structure, the Flybaby baby carrier adapts gently and flexibly to the body of the baby and the wearer. It combines the advantages of a sling with easy handling. The centre section (between the legs) is also infinitely adjustable and adapts to the size of your child. The Flybaby baby carrier is suitable for babies weighing 3.2kg or more.


Technology and materials

The first baby carrier made from 3D knitwear


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Health and safety

Quality standards you can trust

Our carrier aims to benefit both babies and their parents by being not only beautiful and functional but also meeting the highest quality standards.

The Flybaby carrier is tested for the highest level of safety, the yarn is certified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 and the Hip Dysplasia Institute has certified its hip-friendliness.

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Flybaby at Fête des Enfants

You can now also find the Flybaby baby carrier at Fête des Enfants in Mulackstraße in Berlin or in the online shop.


What our customers say

More reviews

”I don't know what kind of magic thing your carrier is, but since I put her in it for the first time yesterday, my mouse loves being in a carrier again. It's been really difficult the last few weeks and - hocus pocus - suddenly she loves it and so do I! So light and comfortable!“

”Feels great! these magnetic fasteners are so ingenious and finally no more complicated sling tying!“

”Feels great! these magnetic fasteners are so ingenious and finally no more complicated sling tying!“

”My midwife – with over 40 years of service experience – saw the Flybaby for the first time today and was very impressed!“

”Thank you so much for the great carrier, lovelies! We used to have a lot of back pain (even though our little one is only one month old)! With the Flybaby Carrier it's just so much better and we just want to carry our little one again.“