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Flybaby stands for comfortable as well as functional and stylish design, which is oriented towards the needs of parents and their babies. High-quality material and a clear, fashionable design make it possible to meet the demands of families while still maintaining an active lifestyle – with comfort, style and quality.

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Flybaby at Fête des Enfants

You can now find the Flybaby baby carrier at Fête des Enfants in Mulackstraße in Berlin or in the online store.

Fête des Enfants

Health and safety

Quality standards you can you can trust

We want our carriers not only to be beautiful and functional, but most important healthy and safe. Its standards DIN CEN/TR 16512:2018-08 and EN 13209-2:2016 stand for highest safety, its adhesive- and pollutant-free production in Europe for health, just like its hip-friendliness certified by the Hip Displasia Institute.

Tried for you

Our family is diverse and it was important for us to find a baby carrier that fits each of us. Whether we are on the go or at home, the Flybaby carrier is our must-have accessory!