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Babys tragen in Babytragen

What is the M–position? And why is it important how your baby sits in the baby carrier?


The M–position position promotes the healthy development of the spine and hips. It represents the orthopedically recommended position for your baby throughout the entire carrying period.

The M–postion, is a natural position in which the baby's legs are bent and spread out to the side. This position is similar to the position of the baby's legs in the womb and promotes healthy hip joint development by bringing the hip joint into an optimal position to prevent hip dysplasia and other problems. Especially in the first few months of life, it is important to carry babies in this position - in a baby carrier or in your arms - and to ensure that it is carried out correctly to provide ideal support for the hips.

The middle part of the baby carrier extends from one knee to the other. The bottom is lower than the knees so that the bent legs and bottom form an M when viewed from behind. The hips slide forward so that the back forms an even curve.