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Lightness, functionality and innovation – freedom for you and your baby

We value our freedom – just as babies love to be carried as often as possible. We balance these opposing preferences. Flybaby not only embodies lightness and functionality, but also stands for an innovative and sustainable approach. We want to create a world where parents can make their choices without compromise – where high-quality products, first-class design and sustainability are seamlessly combined.

About Flybaby

Two sisters with a common goal: maximum freedom for parents and babies.

They are sisters, mums and designers and know the baby industry inside out. With Flybaby, Gesine and Elisabeth Hillmann's expertise comes to fruition in a product they have realised themselves. Quite literally, because the ultra-lightweight carrier also gives parents their freedom and mobility when in physical contact with their little "carrier". Parents value their freedom, babies want to be carried as often as possible. Gesine and Elisabeth Hillmann's aim is to harmonise these conflicting preferences.

We were looking for a lightweight, ergonomic baby carrier that is easy to use and has a small packing volume, so that you always have it with you.

The product designers and young mums have literally experienced it first-hand: ”We both travel a lot and wanted a lightweight carrier that would support us with ergonomics, easy handling and a small packing volume instead of weighing us down“, says Gesine. There was no such thing, so the two of them took matters into their own hands. With twice the expertise and a combined 24 years of experience in product design, production and the baby industry, they developed the Flybaby baby carrier – an ultra-lightweight carrier that owes its unique features to new technologies. ”In addition to the functional benefits, it also had to be produced sustainably and have an attractive unisex look so that we – just like our partners – would feel comfortable with it“, Elisabeth emphasises. The recyclable carrier is designed according to the cradle-to-cradle principle – for the good of the baby and the environment. The Flybaby baby carrier is certified for its health, safety and hip-friendliness. Because even before design, quality and intelligent use, the sisters, like most parents, focus on one thing: ”Caring for the well-being and future of our children“.

Sisters, mums and product designers: Gesine and Lisa, the founders of Flybaby.

Our studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg is where ideas and designs for the Flybaby baby carrier are created. Here we are constantly working on making our products even better.

We produce concepts and designs ourselves in order to test and optimise them until we are satisfied, so that Flybaby customers are satisfied.

All details are tested and extensively checked in the studio with expert advice from certified babywearing instructors.

We maintain a close and trusting relationship with our producers. We are in constant dialogue with them and are regularly on site to monitor production and try out new ideas.

The first 3D knitted baby carrier

Our Flybaby baby carrier is manufactured using innovative and unique 3D knitting technology. The design and precision manufacturing based on experience makes it extremely light, weighing only 425 grams, yet absolutely robust and very durable. The different flexible zones make the baby carrier very ergonomic and offer optimum support for every body shape – both that of the child and that of the parents.

The 3D knitting technique makes it possible to manufacture the baby carrier in one piece without any annoying seams. Only the buckles need to be attached. 3D knitting is an environmentally friendly production process as there is almost no waste, cutting and sewing are not necessary, thus reducing the overall production time and minimizing the risk of errors.

Knitted carrier


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Health and safety

Quality standards you can rely on

Our baby carrier is designed to do babies and their parents good by not only being beautiful and functional, but also healthy and safe.

A more sustainable future

We see sustainability, conscious consumption and responsible behaviour not just as principles, but make these values our passion. We also strive to make a positive contribution to the world by focussing on durable products with a first-class and timeless design.

We love our planet. That’s why we have opted for an environmentally friendly manufacturing process that produces almost no textile waste. No harmful adhesives are used during production. This means the product can be cleanly disassembled into its individual parts and the materials recycled.

When selecting our production partners, we always pay attention to how much alternative energy is used. Our partner in Austria, for example, has developed its own geothermal resources in the surrounding area to supply heat. Photovoltaics and wind power are used for the electricity supply and our own hydroelectric power plant has even been producing surplus electricity since 2017, which is fed into the grid.

Our Flybaby Carrier is made from recycled polyester. As we do not mix it with other fibres and process it into rigid material compounds, it can simply be returned to the cycle at the end of its life cycle and the materials recycled cleanly. This cradle-to-cradle approach, where no adhesives or other harmful materials are used, ensures that our baby carrier is not only safe for your child, but also for our environment.