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Family Business – Made in Berlin

Nicht von schlechten Eltern!

They are sisters, mothers and designers and know the baby industry inside out. With Flybaby, the expertise of Gesine and Elisabeth Hillmann is now being used for the first time in a self-made product. Quite literally, because the ultra-light carrier also gives parents their freedom and mobility when they come into physical contact with the little "carrying baby".
Parents value their freedom, babies want to be carried as often as possible. Reconciling these opposing preferences is the goal of Gesine and Elisabeth Hillmann. The qualified product designers and young mothers have literally experienced it first hand: "We both travel a lot and wanted a light carrier that supports you with ergonomics, easy handling and small packing volume instead of weighing you down," says Gesine. It didn't exist and so the two took matters into their own hands. With double know-how and combined 24 years of experience in product design, production and the baby industry, they developed Flybaby, an ultra-light carrier that owes its unique features to new technologies. "In addition to the functional advantages, it should also be produced sustainably and have an attractive unisex look so that we - just like our partners - feel comfortable with it," emphasizes Elisabeth. Your recyclable carrier is manufactured in Europe according to the cradle-to-cradle principle, without adhesives or other harmful substances - for the benefit of the baby and the environment. »Flybaby« is certified for its health, safety and hip-friendliness. Because even before design, quality and intelligent application, the sisters, like most parents, focus on one thing: "Caring for the well-being and future of our children".